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"Now more than ever, Jewish people are coming to the realization that God has the final say, and 2000 years ago God revealed Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and Messiah of the world.  Jews do not have another way to heaven--they too need to hear the Good News, and it is our responsibility to proclaim it to them."

Rabbi Jack Zimmerman, Messianic Jewish Ministries Facilitator

Rabbi Zimmerman, a Jewish believer, came to Jesus in 1988.  Jack was a former news reporter and stand-up comedian.  Today he is a  Nazarene minister at Tree of Life Worship Center, a messianic congregation in Phoenix. Jack is an experienced teacher and presenter and zealous about seeing Jewish people coming to their Messiah.  Rabbi Zimmerman would help those wrestling with how to evangelize the Jewish person in their community, family or workplace.

The Messianic Jewish Ministries Facilitator is accountable to the Multicultural ministries USA/Canada regional office and his primary function is to implement the agreed-upon policies and strategies for evangelism and strengthening of existing structures on the various districts of the Church of the Nazarene. This is accomplished through:

  • Arranged meetings with district superintendents and district leaders to help formulate and implement church planting strategies.
  • Upon the approval of the district superintendent, visit to churches and pastors who express a desire to sponsor culture specific congregations. 
  • Upon the approval of the district superintendent, visit to culture-specific congregations that express the need for consultation in leadership development. 
  • Recommend potential pastors for new and existing congregations.Assist district superintendents, when requested, in the development of strategies for new initiative among specific people groups.

Please feel free to contact Rabbi Jack Zimmerman regarding Messianic Jewish Ministries.
Multicultural Ministries - USA/Canada Region's 5 Strategic Priorities 

Unique Mission                             

Messianic Jewish Ministries: “exists to support districts, pastors, local churches, and leaders in the task of making Christlike disciples among Jewish people in the U.S. and Canada.” It also endeavors to:

  • Encourage the development of strategy, initiative, and resources to reach the USA/Canada mission field through the visionary leadership of an Messianic Jewish Mission Facilitator
  • Facilitate the creation of resources for pastors, local congregations, and for ministerial preparation through the strategy committee;
  • Utilize as strategy committee members, church leaders who are committed to establishing the Kingdom of God in the hearts of Jewish people in their communities.

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